A comprehensive encyclopedia of cats with a fully illustrated guide to 120 breeds and over 1500 photographs


This comprehensive book brings together veterinary-approved advice on cat care and a directory of the world’s best-known cat breeds. The book opens with a brief history of the cat and covers every important topic that any responsible owner needs to be aware of. There is advice on buying and choosing a cat, inoculations for kittens, providing a safe environment indoors and out, and choosing equipment. There are also sections on feeding and nutrition, grooming and training, breeding, showing and holistic health care. Part two, The Breeds, is a comprehensive visual encyclopedia of all the main cat breeds, from ever-popular Persians and Shorthairs, to rarer breeds such as the Maine Coon Cat, Ocicat and Ragdoll. With over 1500 photographs, this book is indispensable for every cat owner’s bookshelf.

The Complete Book Of Cats

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