Rhyming, rhythmic text and brilliant, characterful illustrations come together in this perfect read-aloud 

Jenn and Dev are on the lookout for a Fuzz-Fuzz, but it is hiding itself very well! What is a Fuzz-Fuzz, you may ask? Well, you can find it next to the wallah-wallah-bing-bang, below the trip-trap, to the left of hic-hac-I-just-got-back… and it’s the same colour as see-saw-how’s-your-ma! 

Dive into a world of pure imagination, and join Jenn & Dev’s search for a sweet and furry Fuzz-Fuzz, in this colourful, best-selling book full of rhyming, rhythm, and sounds! 

The Fuzz-Fuzz Illustrated Storybook

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