Originally a goth-flavored post-punk outfit, The Cure evolved into one of the truly seminal bands of the '80s, and ultimately one of modern rock's most celebrated and influential acts. Guided by creative visionary Robert Smith, The Cure's signature sound balances dreamy pop savvy and poetic lyricism witha dark, brooding intensity. The band's first four groundbreaking albums-newly remastered-are a series of masterpieces that laid the groundwork for their phenomenal and enduring popularity. Fusing superbly crafted songs with charged emotional depth from the very beginning, The Cure's early catalogue, as upgraded by Rhino, is ready to be revisted. Elektra. 2006

Side 1:
1. 10:15 Saturday Night
2. Accuracy
3. Grinding Halt
4. Another Day
5. Object
6. Subway Song

Side 2:
1. Foxy Lady
2. Meat Hook
3. So What
4. Fire In Cairo
5. It's Not You
6. Three Imaginary Boys
7. The Weedy Burton

The Cure- Three Imaginary Boys

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