How to Brew Loose leaf Tea

One heaping teaspoon of Madame Zuzu's Tea into a loose leaf tea bag, tea pot or tea infuser. Boil water, and let the water sit for 1-2 minutes so it gets to the perfect temperature. Boiling water is a little too hot for tea and can burn the gentle leaves.  (your tea tin has specific information on the perfect tea brewing temperature for your specific tea) 

steep for 3-5 minutes before enjoying. 

You can easily re-steep your tea by adding 1minute to each additional infusion. You can get about 3-4 great infusions per serving.  

How to make a matcha Latte

Start by straining a heaping spoonful of madame zuzu's ceremonial matcha through a fine mesh strainer (not necessary for electric blue matcha which is ground extra fine)

add about 2-3 fluid ounces of hot water to the matcha.  mix the matcha in an M motion with a bamboo whisk until there is a nice layer of 'frothy bubbles' on the top (similar to a crema on an espresso).

steam your milk of choice by heating it to just below boiling. then using a milk frother (a french press works too) to stretch out the milk.

Finally Pour your steamed milk on top of your matcha and enjoy! 

If you want to make an iced matcha, prepare just the matcha as previously instructed. then  pour your milk of choice over ice. then pour your hot matcha over the ice + milk (to prevent the ice from melting) and enjoy!