By the author of the best-selling kid’s book, The Fuzz-Fuzz. Rhyming, rhythmic text and adorable illustrations come together in this perfect read-aloud about man’s best friend!

“The basset never listens, the dachshund barks non-stop. The schipperke has far too much fur and sheds it with each belly flop. Eleven dogs is such a lot, but I’d rather have it this way than not!”

A joyous ode to the love, mess and chaos of dogs…multiplied by eleven! A tail-waggingly happy story that every dog lover, adult and child alike, will adore! Children will fall in love with the beautiful, detailed illustrations that pawfectly capture the essence of dogs! It’s a read, and read-it-again book!

Eleven Dogs Live With Me! A True Tail Jennifer Lindridge Tori Stone

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