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Katie Cole / Rivers & Roads

Katie Cole / Rivers & Roads

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Engineered and Mixed by Howard Willing.

All songs written by Katie Cole.

Except “Call You Up” written by Katie Cole, Jessica Clemmons and Steven Reid Williams.


Recorded in Nashville at Sound Emporium, Love Shack Studios and the Bear’s Lair.

Digitally Mastered by Ryan Smith at Sterling Sound.

Vinyl Mastering by Dan Shike at Tone and Volume Mastering.


All Vocals - Katie Cole

Keys - Tim Lauer, Katie Cole

Acoustic Guitar - Ilya Toshinskiy, Sam Hunter

Electric Guitar - Sam Hunter, Katie Cole

Drums - Victor Indrizzo

Bass - Glenn Worf


Thank you so much to everyone who made this album possible.

I want to thank my friends and family for supporting me over the years. Thank you to Howard Willing for being my rock and pushing me hard when I need it most. Thank you to the Smashing Pumpkins for all of the love. Thanks to all the musicians who helped bring these songs to life. Thank you to Craft Services. Thank you to Eileen Nelson for making this possible. Thanks to Ashley L. Evans for all the design work. And, thank you to Chelsea at Dire Image for all the glam, photos and videos.


Thank you to my amazing Kickstarter supporters who have been showing up to gigs, livestreams and of course made this set of recordings possible. You have given me a platform I never could have dreamed of and I’m so grateful. Some of these amazing people include Joe Sestili, R.J. Santos, Trevour Meyer, Pam Fisher, Rick Suzumoto, Carlos Gnipp, James & Becky McKinlay, Tim McCrea, Bruce L. Moore, Gary Koshi, Bob Funamura, Steven Bearer, Heather H., Noni, Todd White, Lilla Thakker, Drew Foppe, Trevour Meyer, Roman Ciercwierz, Ben Pascus III, Jonathan Bouknight, Gerard “Bomber” Carroll, Robert J. Envall, Ryan McReynolds, Jason Reed, Ryan Boeckman, Todd Usher, T. Jay, Fernando Collado, Geofolkers, Joe Stadele, Chris Broach, Anthony Longen, Bryan Booker, Mark Charles Kelly, Fred Koehler, Mike Zoltowski, Todd Kirkpatrick.


Thank you to these additional people who made this album possible: Annie Crofford, Summer Cristiana, Julie and Nicholas laird, Zac Cousins, Jenna Cousins, Alanis Sophie, Manny Vasquez, Priscilla Ruston, Alan Riggs, Kehaulani Sado, Matt Ortado, Richard Abel, Bob Carpenter, Amy Dignan, James Young, Michael Feakes, Clembo, Victor Finger, Damien Jeroni, Brian Honda, Tom Hess, Robert Ahearne, Corinna Byer, Skip Carter, Kirk Gaudi, Matt Heitmann, The Rebelskys, Adam Golden, Richard in AZ, The Behncke Family, Myung Park, Kourtney Pompi, Oscar Cantor, Heath A. Randall, She Wolf Radio, Dan Karlin, Jamie McSkimming, Rachel Rochette, Michael J. Webdell, Phil Lehman, Linda Conway, Dave Thomas O'Gorman.


Graphic Design by Katie Cole & Ashley L. Evans. Photos by Dire Image.

Executive Producer Trevour Meyer

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