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SP on the Radio 1988-89 X Starchildren Live 8.18.1990

SP on the Radio 1988-89 X Starchildren Live 8.18.1990

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Starchildren LP

This LP captures an unforgettable Starchildren performance at the historic Metro in Chicago, with Jimmy on bass and Billy on guitar/vocals. Recorded live by Mike Rubano, this audience recording brings to light four previously unreleased tracks by WPC, offering fans a rare and intimate glimpse into the essence of the band. This exclusive release allows listeners to experience the raw, unfiltered spirit of the early daysin the band’s journey.

Smashing Pumpkins on the Radio LP

This LP offers an extraordinary look back at The Smashing Pumpkins' earliest days, focusing on their initial radio performances from 1988-89. Documented through their appearances on Chicago radio stations WNUR and WZRD, this collection is significant as it includes some of the band's first recorded sessions—so early in their career that Jimmy had just joined the band, and some tracks even feature a drum machine. This pre-broadcast recording, superior to any existing bootlegs, is pivotal for fans and collectors. It represents one of the very first, if not the first, instances of the band performing live on the radio. This release serves as a glimpse into the beginning of The Smashing Pumpkins, capturing a moment in time where raw energy and burgeoning creativity were just beginning to make their mark.



  • Double LP
  • 180 gram Clear colored vinyl 
  • Made in the USA
  • All Sales are Final 


Side A:

  1. There It Goes (Live on WNUR 1988)
  2. My Eternity (Live on WNUR 1988)
  3. Interview (Live on WNUR 1988)
  4. Venus In Furs (Live on WZRD 1989)
  5. Snap (Live on WZRD 1989)

Side B:

  1. East (Live on WZRD 1989)
  2. Cinnamon Girl (Live on WZRD 1989)
  3. Nothing And Everything (Live on WZRD 1989)
  4. Under Your Spell (Live on WZRD 1989)
  5. Rhinoceros (Live on WZRD 1989)

Side C:

  1. Death of A Mind (Live on WZRD 1989)
  2. Spiteface (Live on WZRD 1989)
  3. Interview (Live on WZRD 1989)
  4. There It Goes (Live on WZRD 1989)

Side D:

  1. Starchildren-Past Midnight
  2. Starchildren-Faeding
  3. Starchildren-Lolly
  4. Starchildren-Reasons To Shine
  5. Starchildren-Blue Light

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