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THE RUBANO TAPES VOL. 1 (Double LP) - Black Open Edition

THE RUBANO TAPES VOL. 1 (Double LP) - Black Open Edition

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“The Rubano Tapes Vol. 1” features 18 songs of never before heard versions of future SP classics and  as was often the case in the band’s early years, songs performed but once.

Recorded by Billy Corgan’s close friend Mike Rubano (known to the band as “Cuz”)  at shows and rehearsals from 1988-1991. 



Honeyspider (The Unicorn 5.25.90)

Not Worth Asking (Cabaret Metro 6.24.89)

Ball + Chain (Cabaret Metro 11.18.89)

Slunk (Cabaret Metro 6.22.91)

My Eternity (Eddy St. Rehearsal 10.2.88)


Bleed (Rehearsal/A+H Furniture 9.28.88)

Blue Light (O’Cayz Corral 3.30.90)

Over You (The Gallery 4.6.90)

C’mon (Cabaret Metro 12.29.89)


365  (The Unicorn 4.7.90)

Salt (Cabaret Metro 10.29.89)

Armed To The Teeth (Avalon Niteclub 10.29.88)

Morning Jam (The Unicorn 2.19.90)

Vanilla (O’Cayz Corral 1.18.90) 


Daughter (Avalon Niteclub 5.27.89)

Siva (Cabaret Metro 6.22.91)

The Vigil (inc.) (Rehearsal/A+H Furniture 9.28.88)

Try To Try (The Unicorn 4.7.90)


Mastered by Howie Weinberg

Pressed by Furnace Record Pressing


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